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 *** User account
1. Please do not give your personal identification code or password to anyone other than your family members. You may not grant third party access information to your online account, and you agree to take responsibility for all activities in your account.
2. You must also take all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the password and the return of the reservation as well. You should also inform us immediately, for any reason, that your password has become known to any other person or if it is used in an unauthorized manner or in the case of Probability of using this method.
*** Passports
1. Please make sure that your passport is valid during the flight. Some countries require that the passport be valid for a certain period, usually for a period of six months.
2. You may also be asked to obtain a visa to some countries and our site can help you with this.
3. During the booking, the traveler must make sure that his / her name and the name of the person making the reservation exactly matches the name on the passport of all travelers (or the person you are booking for). < >
4. Travel without proper papers may prevent the traveler from traveling, entering, deporting or incarcerating the destination country or stops. In such cases, the passenger will be solely responsible for any costs, losses or damages suffered by the traveler or subjected to the site Du Travo (or our agents or employees).
(1) Terms of Use:
• You must be at least 18 years old and have full legal and legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and use this site in accordance with the terms and conditions.
• You also undertake to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of all information and data provided by you or your family members when using this site.
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You agree to be responsible for all users of this site including minors under your name or account.
• If you have an account on this site, the company will, for its part, be committed to protecting your information, noting that its supervision is entirely your responsibility for any use of your account by you or anyone else.
• Do not post, distribute or upload any defamatory, offensive, offensive, threatening, offensive, racist, morally inappropriate or otherwise offensive content or transmission of any unsolicited email, spam or other forms of material Communicate in bulk.
• No threat, inconvenience, abuse, confusion, or abuse of the rights of others, including their individual rights.
• Do not do anything illegal It is possible to create any liability by Dutravo.
(2) Terms and Conditions of Detention:
• Make sure that all the names of the passengers in the booking are correct, and the obligation to enter each name in the box assigned to him.
• The traveler is required to pay additional fees if the name is changed.
• Upon completion of the payment process and payment of the entire booking amount, the booking voucher will be issued and authenticated by du Travaux.
• Dutravo reserves the right to cancel the reservation if there is an incorrect price due to the price update resulting in a change in the value of the booking. The customer will be notified by telephone, e-mail or by text message.
(3) Confirm booking information:
If the booking information is incorrect, Dutravo has the right to verify and cancel the reservation and reserves the right to take legal action that preserves its rights. In this case, the customer may be liable to compensate for the resulting cash losses.
(4) Group bookings:
If you want to book a group starting from 5 or more rooms and tickets for 10 or more flights, it is possible to operate easily through du Travaux but prefer to contact customer service by calling the reservation center 01033331051 to make the booking required more quickly and professionally.
(5) Privacy Policy:
Dutravo respects your privacy and therefore we have developed a privacy policy in which we undertake not to share customer numbers and names with other companies.
We undertake not to exchange customer numbers and names with other companies.
(6) Rates and special offers:
• Any new special offers posted on the website after confirmation of the reservation and payment of the amount can not be applied to this booking based on the previous reservation and Dutravo reserves the right to change the rates and rates of rise after paying for service due due to exchange rate fluctuations, tax changes or any other reason. .
• Dutravo is not responsible in any way for any increase due to fluctuations in exchange rates and taxes or as a result of direct demand from the supplier. Therefore, the prices offered may be appropriate during the period of your search and booked. These rates may change before the date of travel or after accommodation according to the implications of the supplier, and some services will bear the same price, but the difference in policy are all prices subject to availability of possibilities and can be withdrawn or changed without warning.
(7) Information and classification of hotels (Accommodation):
What is displayed on the site is a description of the accommodation, facilities, services and pictures of the supplier and the hotel.
• Hotel rating information in terms of counting